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2020 World Youth Day

2020 world youth day
The World Conference of Ministers Responsible for Youth, on 8-12, August,1998 in Lisbon recommended that 12 August be declared International Youth Day. This was officially endorsed by the General Assembly in 1999. International Youth Day is an avenue for the youths' voices , actions, initiatives and engagements to be celebrated, recognized and mainstreamed globally. All the activities in commemoration of this day carried out by the youths, for the youths and among the youths include the recognition of the importance of youth participation in political, economic, social life and processes.
The 2020 World Youth Day today is a unique one in that it falls within the COVID -19 pandemic. Hence the theme " Youth Engagement for Global Action." is apt as it strives to lay emphasize on the ways, means and methods of engaging the youths at the local/ community, national ( formulation of laws, politics, and their implementation), and global levels. This engagement if well harnessed, would go a long way in enriching national and multilateral institutions and processes. This makes the youths to be gap Bridgers. It also informs them on how their representations and engagements in politics could be enhanced.
As the world celebrates the Youth Day, we are all aware that they are in the midst of current challenges posed by the COVID - 19 outbreak and climate change. These challenges no doubt, require concerted global action, participation and engagement of youths for effective remedy in order to achieve United Nations 2030 Agenda.
Above all, protecting and mobilizing youths to play some key roles in the management of COVID-19 outbreak is of paramount important. It is a known fact that COVID-19 pandemic has negative impact on world economic and social activities. Youths are at the receiving end and are vulnerable to the disruptions caused by the pandemic ( though minimal cases and deaths recorded among the youths). As such, young innovators are already at the forefront in an inclusive recovery from the pandemic and the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as well as the achievement of 2030 Agenda in ten years time. This is possible through a number of initiatives being developed by the youths on voluntary basis to generate and deliver support to people heavily affected by the pandemic.
Courtesy: https://www.un.org>observances except Title.
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