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There is need to drive innovation in the civil service as the presence of COVID 19 in Nigeria in particular and the whole world at large has affected the nation’s socio-economic situation.
A more innovative civil service for improved service delivery through critical thinking is a necessity. According to Professor Vincent Onodugo, critical thinking would go in no small measure to promote innovation in the civil service in particular and in the society at large. This would be achieved through developing critical thinking skills for excelling in this COVID-19 pandemic to keep the civil service agog while maintaining all the World Health Organization/ National Center for Disease Control (WHO/NCDC) guidelines.
There is no doubt that today’s work world is quite unsafe, and uncertain due to the ravaging global COVID19 Pandemic. This can be curbed through a shift to:
  • Competence based society
  • Private sector driven economy facilitated through de regulation and privatization
  • Un employability of the labour force
  • Knowledge based economy
  • Un-employability
  • Digital accentuated by COVID 19
This would then lead to developing critical thinking skills that would help the workforce cope with the emerging difficulties, hazards and uncertainties of the COVID-19 pandemic. The strengthening of Artificial Intelligence ( AI ) would no doubt redefine the modus operandus of the civil service with the resultant high productivity through the following:
  • Dealing with global economy in recession and indebtedness
  • Boost in the business of technology, food and health provision
  • Activating local alternatives to foreign solutions
  • Mainstreaming new level of hygiene and health habit
  • Broadening options for meetings, interactions and service offerings
Artificial Intelligence through critical thinking skills would play a very important role in the civil service delivery in Nigeria for effective productivity and vibrant economy in all sectors.

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