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Curbing Unemployment through Entrepreneurship.


Entrepreneurship is interdisciplinary trainings that focus on the tools needed to start a new business or vocation. As the number of unemployment among youths keeps rising globally, it is imperative that  entrepreneurship trainings be strengthened at Basic Education to encourage self-reliance.

 Skill acquisition on the other hand, is the ability to be trained on a particular task or function in order to become expert on it. It is a means of making the youths self-reliant as it helps to curb unemployment among youths. Uduak Ekong and Christian Ekong (2016) citing Ogundele, Akingbade and Akinlabi agree that skill acquisition and entrepreneurship in schools in the past reduced poverty among youths. This was when handiwork or craft was introduced as a subject in primary and secondary school levels. Skill acquisition and entrepreneurship trainings contribute a lot to the economic enlistment of  students by making them self-reliant. Realizing the benefits of handiwork among students, skill acquisition was introduced on a more mechanized and modernized level. This no doubt led to the reduction of poverty among youths who participated in the skill acquisition programs.
According to UNESCO (2015), Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) aims at promoting sustainable development for economic growth and survival. ESD is therefore an education that allows every human being to acquire knowledge, skill, attitudes and values necessary to shape a sustainable future. A call for sustainability and self-reliance entails the principle of strengthening entrepreneurship at basic formal education for life-long learning. These are practical knowledge, values and skills needed for a sustainable way of life.  
In order to achieve this objective, emphasis should be on the teaching and learning of skills acquisition; establishing and equipping available technical and vocational workshops; renovating the existing dilapidated workshops,  refurbishing the equipment and regular capacity building for teachers on judicious utilization of the workshops
 Strengthening entrepreneurship training to enhance skill acquisition and capacity building into basic education system would ensure eradication of unemployment.   The program would help students to be self-reliant during their trainings and after graduation.