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Lagos State Governor Fulfils His Promise.

 Lagos State governor, Sanwo-Olu meets the boy in the "mummy calm ...
Lagos State Governor, Sanwo-Olu's  excitement knows no bounds when he finally welcomed Little Lawal aka" Mummy Calm Down " in his office at the Government House, Lagos, Nigeria. This finally gave the Governor his desired opportunity to meet Lawal face to face.

"Mummy Calm Down"is now a soothing phrase that acts as balm for all  psychological, emotional, social and economic tension. This is what everyone needs at this period of COVID19 pandemic. The Governor enjoined Lagosians to calm down in the face of the prevailing economic downturn and think out of the box for possible practical solutions.

For the little boy, what a rare privilege to beat all the executive protocols and have not only a hand shake but a big hug and embrace in the Governor's bosom. The Governor even had to stoop low to give him a handshake. What an honor!

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