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Making Digitization Attainable

 Digitization and Digital Transformation: The next big thing!
For Digitization to be possible, requires general reorientation of all that the new age requires total restructuring. Critical thinking skills for innovations and general well being is paramount. Creativity leads to automatic sustainable wealth. What matters in this new age is digital skills. By 2025-2050, machines and robots new market demands would evolve. There is need for everyone to unlearn, learn and relearn technologically.

For developing countries, revival of power sectors is very important. For digitization to see the light of the day, there must be constant power supply all year round. All power grids need to be revived and functional.
Free Data for All (FDA) for developing and undeveloped countries, would effect the work-ability of digitization. Partnership with Network service providers, would provide free data to all citizens. This would enable those in both the rural and urban areas to access data and work from home. This would make social distancing and total eradication of COVID19 Pandemic effective. 
making digitization attainable
Regular training and retraining of the citizenry on Information Communication Technology (ICT) is very important. Investment in ICT is key to the survival of both the private and public sectors. People has to be reoriented towards preparing for restructuring through digitization and privatization.
Everyone is encouraged to go digital, work from home for effective, efficient, healthy and sustainable productivity for global health safety and economic revival.
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