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NATCOM-UNESCO Celebrates for Youths

The 2020 World Youth Day was celebrated in Abuja in a big way aimed at empowering the youths on how to use cultural creativity to curb unemployment. This took place in a two-day seminar on “Cultural Creativity for Youths Skills Development” organized by the Federal Ministry of Education Culture Sector, Nigerian National Commission for UNESCO ( NATCOM-UNESCO) on the 13th-14th August, 2020 at Education Resource Centre, Wuse, Abuja, Nigeria.
The Secretary General of the Commission, Mr Olagunju in his opening remarks differentiates culture as ” the customs, beliefs, art way of life and social organization of a particular group of people which encompasses language,religion, cuisine, social habits, music and arts” from creativity which is defined as ” the art of turning new and imaginative ideas into reality.
He emphasized that the ability to develop innovative skills is not merely a function of the mind but also a function of key behaviors that optimize the youths’ brains for discovery. To him, empowering youths through social and economic opportunities of cultural and creative development is the then=me of the 2005 Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the diversity of cultural expressions.

The Secretary General drew the attention of the audience to UNICEF Generation 2030 Africa 2.0 report which states that developing skills among youths is germane in helping the present and future generation in labour markets of increased automation, technology and conventional jobs. UNICEF deserves commendation for giving action points for every African country to enhance cultural creativity for youth skill development. This would no doubt go a long way in reducing unemployment, poverty, insecurity and youth restiveness.
It is obvious that the world is dynamic with development taking place everyday. Youths are enjoined to realize white collar job is no longer in vogue. Nigeria has already joined the modern global practice of creativity and self -reliance. This would no doubt empower vulnerable youths and boost their interest in culture and arts. In line with UNESCO operational strategy on youths, 2014-2021 special focus is given to young creators and cultural professionals.
This Two-Day Workshop on Cultural Creativity for Youth Skills Development to mark the International Youth Day (IYD) would in no small measure promote and support youths in the use of their talent and entrepreneurial skills. This would in the long run enhance access to culture and creative tools which uplifts development creativity among the youths, parnts , teachers and other stakeholders. No doubt, at the end of this workshop, parents and youths (participants) would be grateful to NATCOM-UNESCO for the great initiative accorded them to realize the potentials inherent in creativity and self-reliance.
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