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Technological Skills for Cultural Creativity

Culture is the customary beliefs, social forms and material traits of a racial or social group while creativity is the use of original idea to invent something of value to existence. Culture is a vector for youth development and as such, helps in promoting sustainable social and economic development present and future generations. Youths are bridges and agents for promoting peace and inter-cultural understanding. Therefore, there is need to create awareness on the importance of enhancing entrepreneurial skills for Nigerian youths in cultural creativity for empowerment, self-reliance and sustainable development.
It is imperative that youths should be encouraged to acquire some skills in order to reduce over dependence and search for white collar jobs. Youths are to be encouraged from early years of life that skills such as Furniture making, Bakery, Shoe making, Bag making, Bead making, Bed sheet making and so on are cheaper to establish as young entrepreneurs. In as much as technology has taken a large share in the lives of youths through Information Communication Technology / social media, on would not lose sight of the trades of yesteryear when crafts was the sole source of living in our traditional society.
Fortunately, one of the aims of UNESCO Cultural Policies for Nigeria(1988) is to promote creativity. Nigeria keyed into this policy by establishing Cultural Industries in all the states of the Federation. It is unfortunate that adequate recognition has not been given to these Industries by Nigerian youths in particular and Nigerians in general. More workshops should be organized to empower Nigerian Youths on Cultural Creativity for sustainable empowerment and self -reliance.


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