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The Need To Review The English Language Curriculum

  1. There is urgent need to review the curriculum of English language in all Colleges of Education and Tertiary institutions in Nigeria.
    This could be possible by enforcing some core courses (relating to grammar tenses) in English studies Department to be made compulsory courses for all Education students at all levels.
    Nigeria is a country blessed with a lot of human and mineral resources. Unfortunately the standard of our education is pitiable. For any meaningful national development, education plays a vital role. It is the foundation upon which all other sectors are built. Most Nigerian graduates cannot speak good and correct English. Some speak well but cannot write correct spellings, some lack analytical and logical reasoning. 
  2. In Nigeria, English language plays the role of a second language due to the multilingual nature of the country. English is the language of instruction in the Nigerian Educational system.
    Not only that, it is a compulsory subject and a yardstick for evaluating a learner’s school performance at the end of each academic session as well as for graduating students. Learners need to comprehend the examination questions, most often, written in English before they can answer correctly. This invariably qualifies English Language as a veritable tool for human development and empowerment. This manifests the power of language. Most of the teachers turned out from our tertiary institutions (colleges of Education, polytechnic and universities) are not proficient in English Language. They in turn produce half-baked students. This portends an unpalatable future for Nigerian Education. In view of the aforementioned there is an urgent need for English language curriculum in Colleges of Education and tertiary institutions to be more inclusive so that our teachers will be well equipped and be better analytical minded. To achieve the intended target of turning around our educational system, there is the need for urgent, holistic purposeful teaching of English language in our Education/ Tertiary institutions. 

For this to be actualized, all Colleges of Education and other Tertiary institutions should include some courses in English Department to all education programmes (be it Geography, Economic, Mathematics, physical education etc) at all levels. The English courses should be made compulsory. It is hoped that they will be better off in their spoken and written English.
Government should include test of English Language in the interview during recruitment of teachers. 50% performance in the test may be considered for employment.
In the long run, It will broaden the scope of learning of Nigerian Education students
It will also improve their English language skills.
The call for the immediate review of the English language curriculum at Tertiary / Colleges of Education by the Federal Government would no doubt improve educational standard and promote national development.

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