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Use of Continuous Assessment

Continuous Assessment is 30% of the examination marks a student scores at the end of every session of the academic year. The scores are from three consecutive tests given to students before the final examination which scores 70%. Continuous Assessment does not comprise only written test. Projects, attendance, students’ participation in the class are also awarded marks ND counts s CA.
Continuous Assessment is apart from being added to the final examination score is adorable made use of in case the student did not sit for final examination due to illness, bereveament, emergency transfer and so on.
The Lagos State Governor is considering using students’ first and second term CA scores to promote students to the next class in case schools are unable to be opened this year due to Covid19 pandemic. This means that schools are most likely to open next year. But this depends on the authoritative decision at the Federal level.
It should be recalled that Lagos State still ranks first in the total number of COVID19 cases and deaths in Nigeria. This is a cause of concern and fear for parents, students and government in the immediate opening of schools for academic activities. The scourge is still raging high, infection cases are on the high and death tolls alarming. Caution must not be thrown to the winds. Life is precious.

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