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STEM Education is very necessary in our world today. It is part of our lives and so we cannot do without it.

STEM means Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. STEM education integrates the four different subjects which includes so many academic disciples in schools. It encourages the application of the knowledge gained to real life situations in our world/lives.
These lessons are applied to the different problems which we encounter in our day to day activities, in order to find a solution to these problems thereby solving it.
STEM education lays emphasis on project- based learning which involves building models, robotics, and simulation situations. Students should be taught to connect these lessons to real life experiences through as many experiments using materials and computer-aided designs as well as Mathematics in order to build a model that they can work with. The experiments performed by these students in school can help prepare them for bigger tasks as engineers and scientists in real life situations.

STEM involves every part of our lives. Students, who are exposed to STEM through academically taught discipline and experiments, end up pursuing a career in that field.
STEM is very important in our world. It includes coding, manufacturing, food production, healthcare and much more. Our world depends on STEM related jobs. It involves our economy, our general well-being.

STEM helps to prepare students for STEM related jobs. Mathematical, Scientific and technological knowledge are very important part of our world today, as it trains one for different careers such as Scientists, Engineer, Computer Analyst.
Our world is gradually changing into a global digital age in which almost every job involves having computer skills.
 Bosun Tijani Launches STEMCafe for Children in Partnership with ENYO

Children learn to code, build robots, and how to make computer program.

Secondary school students who are being taught STEM subjects are seriously prepared to better understand and choose STEM courses in the  Universities and we'll prepared for STEM field as well.

STEM teaches students how to think critically when faced with any situation which involves solving the day to day problems we encounter in our lives as well as teaches how to work in a team to solve problems and much more.

STEM can help us learn about the world in which we live in, what goes on in our environment and society as a whole. Understanding STEM through technology and science is very important if we want to understand our society.

The world is said to be a global village and is changing gradually around us. We are in a digital age where technology is becoming a very important aspect of our everyday life. Improvement in technology affects everything in our world. Changes  due to technology and science are has led to emergence of so many jobs to keep up with the change.
 The world of work is changing as a result of Globalization and Automation, so we will need to change our skills to match and keep up with the change.
 NASA STEM Engagement: Overview | NASA
STEM CAREERS currently in high demand include:
     Application Software Developer
     Computer System Analyst
     Web Developer
     Industrial Engineer
     Mechanical Engineer
     Computer User Support Specialists
     Computer and Information Systems Manager
     Electrical and Electronics Engineering Technicians
     Network and Computer Systems Administrator
     Systems Software Developer
     Civil Engineer
     Computer Network Architect
     Electrical Engineer
     Electronics Engineer
     Environment Engineer
     Computer Hardware Engineers
     Mechanical Engineer Technicians
     Data Based Administrator
     Biochemists and Biophysicist

More emphasis should be placed on the study of science subjects.  All eyes are now on Guidance Counselors to redirect students attention to science..

                                                Courtesy : Beatrice Akaeme
                      STEM Ambassador for CODEFEST INTERNATIONAL NIGERIA


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