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Your Child Doesn't Want to be a Programmer? That's Fine — But They Still  Need STEM | Emerging Education Technologies
STEM changing the Universe


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STEM means Science,Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.The STEM, acronym was introduced in 2001 by scientific administrators at the U.S National Scientific Foundation (NSF). SMET was previously used, when referring to the career fields in those disciplines. In 2001 An American biologist Judith Ramaley, then assistant director,of education and human resources at NSF, rearranged the words to form STEM acronym. Since,then STEM-focused curriculum has been extended to many countries beyond the United States including Nigeria.



STEM teaching focuses on using different methods which are very practical for students to understand the subjects as well as apply to everyday life issues. It also opens the mind of young students to so many new different subjects. STEM teachers show young students how to observe, explore, experiment and offer solutions to problems which are presented to them.

STEM helps teachers transform their class room building into a problem solving curriculum thereby preparing primary school children and secondary school students for jobs of the future, giving them career choices. Many institutions have turned their science labs into spaces where students can explore, build, design and learn. Labs are creative spaces to ignite a child's imagination. They are essentially where students can create and explore their curiosity. STEM teaching at the basic education level helps to prepare the mind of young students to be great innovators, scientists and problem solvers in future.

4 Ways to Encourage Student Interest in STEM | Study.com
Encourage student interest. study.com



STEM is important in the education sector, because every job requires some STEM capabilities. For example, there is hardly any job that does not, require the use of computer. There is also no job that does not require or need problem solving skills of a team of workers in an establishment when the need arises using a systematic process. STEM teaching builds skills in students through problem solving starting from the elementary grade. It is a good way of building the minds of the young kids in science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics to be able to play a big role in their contribution to their nation's economic, physical, social stability. The world's economy is knowledge -based and gradually evolving to a global computer -based economy. Being able to communicate with others using technologies such as the email, GSM, Skype, Zoom and so on and the ability to do mathematics as well are by means of STEM. We also negotiate in other aspects of our lives such as shopping, housing, transportation and so on which may require use of technology.

Teachers make use of power point to present many ideas to their students.

Teachers also teach their students how to download free apps that allow these students to analyze sounds.



So it is really important that our kids learn about STEM in schools to help shape them up into very capable and responsible, citizens and workers for the future. Post- COVID era needs more of STEM products to amend the havoc caused by the pandemic. No doubt, STEM is our hope.

By Beatrice Akaeme





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