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Declaring emergency on youth unemploymentOpinion — The Guardian Nigeria  News – Nigeria and World News
Unemployed Youths


Eduinfoonline feels the pains of millions of youths all over the world who are unemployed.The invitation is for all to partner with Eduinfoonline by writing and submitting well-researched, educative, informative and inspiring articles  with education or scholarship undertone.

It would appreciate comparative education that would impact on the upliftment of the standard of education in the countries concerned.

We would like to borrow a leaf from respective countries’ mode of education for the amelioration of other countries' educational systems.

 Let us join hands, irrespective of national diversity, to better the lives of the future generations through quality, accessible and sustainable education. Let us make the world a better place. Let us all join hands to recreate the educational sector that has been devastated by the monstrous corona virus pandemic.

Let us compare and make use of policies from other countries that would make our children the best leaders the world can offer.

Interested candidate should write a well researched articles on education or scholarship and send to eduinfoonline2020@gmail.com to be published on eduinfoonline.com

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