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Entrepreneurial Education For Sustainable Livelihood in Post -COVID-19 Era



Women embracing entrepreneurship | Africa Renewal
Embracing Entrepreneurship

   To acquire entrepreneurial skills join a pan-African community of entrepreneurial leaders.

Apply to attend ALU and study with students from over 40 African countries.

Applications for the 2021 Academic Year at the African Leadership University are now open! Start your application today to attend the most innovative university in Africa.

Join the new generation of innovators, disruptors, founders and changemakers in Africa.

Africa is rising. By 2040, Africa will have the world’s largest workforce.

It is the world’s fastest-growing market, and presents a wealth of opportunities for those innovative and entrepreneurial enough to embrace them!

These are the individuals that are attracted to ALU - where you will study with future CEOs, Founders, Changemakers and Political Leaders from across the continent.

There is no better place to build a Pan-African network!

Be at home at ALU with like-minded and passionate young Africans just like yourself who are on a journey to leading a life and career of impact.


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Join the University where Africa’s leaders gather.

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Leadership skills alone are not enough to make a maximum impact. Effective leaders require a powerful network of peers, investors, mentors, and more to achieve their full potential.

ALU students become part of a talented, diverse community from around the world. They are surrounded by driven, talented, and passionate classmates who become valuable collaborators and connectors.

They are exposed to ALU’s unique and powerful network of mentors, guest speakers, experts-in-residence, industry leaders, investors, ALU staff, and employers.

Study with future CEOs, Founders, Changemakers and Political Leaders from across the continent

ALU students also develop an amazing network by connecting with postgraduate students in the ALU School of Business (ALUSB) for business professionals, the Africa Industrial Internet Programme (AIIP) for data science professionals, and the ALX programme.

Our growing community movement made up of industry professionals, graduates, employer partners and subject matter experts from across Africa and beyond.

With students from over 40 countries and staff from across Africa and the globe, ALU is one of the most diverse university experiences available

Description: https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/9PSAGhJot9G8o7cpgRRcaFKQUkMmahNRyUnaPCgG6mi6h8hjLlooQzArcMudgJlxdXPGs9Nup4x-Yj7HAUyJrVM=w100

Sandile Dlamini has embodied our aspirations for self-directed learners and peer learning. Sandile is an ALA grad who studied the growing impact of China and the global influence of private equity and decided to self study Chinese. He has since interned with McKinsey in China and in South Africa. At ALU, he and other friends, have created the Investment Banking club encouraging the student-driven study of finance and preparing all members for career opportunities in the industry. For example, Sipho interned with Credit Suisse in Dubai and Wanjiru, a social science student, interned with the deals team at KPMG, successes that were possible after their deliberate self-study journeys. His research on private equity has been published in the Southern Africa Venture Capital Association journal and he will be doing his masters at the Peking University in China on the prestigious Yenching Scholarship program.

Description: https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/OYMmezuJdMWDyxHM3g9_rwvmnljr8yWWDCU9MbinUcPwUJo9sF2tvOsapRgjtSbTkG2seK-gapYic-e73AmfJw=w100

Annick, from Rwanda, started off at ALU shy and keeping to herself. She describes the ALU experience as creating an environment of challenge that pushed her out of her comfort zone, learning how to advocate for herself and present her story, engaging in class discussions, and leading in peer groups. She then learned how to create her own environment of challenge, publishing her first fiction novel after winning a writing competition by the British Council, and stepping up to champion social causes at ALU as the first Social Transformation Officer in the inaugural ALU Student Government. She has been an exceptional mentor to the subsequent social transformation officer and hence embodying the principle that effective leadership is also about setting others up for success.



Description: https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/sDLUP5VF-DCRIdIdWgYKH3We3gDAjHRtmok1FQNhyzFhSgoPIN3JAKZoB9dWoxcbrOK1fIZ5sLjv6UXEZ1SCxck=w100

Wiem, from Tunisia, was one of 30 students who transferred from other universities to join the pioneering inaugural class of students at ALU. In fact, she was in her final year of university in Minnesota when she decided to start her university experience with ALU instead. She got deeply involved in student support at ALU, from being a Residential Advisor to an intern for our Global Affairs team. After the leadership core, she interned with L'Oreal's marketing department in Paris and helped lead a project to strengthen the brand's social media strategy. In the 4 months, she was there, she helped grow their social media following in North Africa by 33%. Her success there led her to an internship with Sanofi in France, where her husband was based, and she has joined Sanofi full time in Vietnam as a Brand Manager.

Description: https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/CYf0Par_mSN1rfXyqHEU5gSzIvaIvFunEQjmruDd9abwMjz8jejccfdBT44gDaKfDTHL2kqQWvvrH2spslz1xZ8=w100

Noah won the Anzisha Prize for a sweater company he built in Uganda. In coming to ALU, he learned how to hire and manage succession so the business could continue in his absence and has moved on to experiment in new businesses. Through mentorship and support from Yoann and Elizabeth, became the Mauritius production manager for an ex-Bain consultant sourcing shirts from Mauritius for a high profile brand. As the local representative, this exposure has improved Noah’s technical skills and business, and he has been able to significantly upskill his team back home as a result.

Description: https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/x8ZY62bXuQTh1ZH_cq_sAldVqhbq-Twzo-FFBa9lWvLBGcB0lLkw8h4e-AynYd-TvgaYlRowO3owFWzCjFcdOw=w100

Joseph from Tanzania interned with Pernod Ricard in Tanzania where he identified the gap in multinational retailers not being able to track distribution and demand in mom and pop shops. So he set about learning code, and successfully piloted a digital solution in Tanzania with Pernod Ricard which tracks the availability and pricing of consumer products in the informal economy. After securing other paying clients, he and 2 other ALU students have taken the pilot ahead to establish the business and secured 1MM in funding from incubators in Mauritius as they refine their business model and scale their growth.

Why Should You Choose ALU?

Description: https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/cJMVG3R8Rkm4R6TXm-hssr_9a7nzWR-SJcf1-m-yowZoRsFNUjkp-ipAueH8bipLQsX13puA3olDa_zx7H4zOH0=w237

Mission-Driven Student Culture.

All ALU students get the opportunity to harness the characteristics essential for creating a mission-based life of impact and purpose. This means a core part of our programme will challenge you to identify the impact you want to make in the world. We then develop the 21st-century skills and network you need as a young leader, professional or entrepreneur, to help achieve this impact.

Description: https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/O5hh8NY5JukcJLI1v-Q1viqOdj-9MJuAhm7_cGkyxH05rW7MHDtv90uvg8YDfmYj9g089FzvsDKnM8BhG9sN=w237

Entrepreneurial Leadership Focus.

The programmes at ALU allow students to explore the thin line between great leadership and entrepreneurial thinking. Students get the opportunity to grow and develop skills such as self-awareness, identifying opportunities, design thinking, proactivity and innovation. You are prepared to become entrepreneurial leaders who will harness the tremendous opportunities that abound on the continent.

Description: https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/JYUe5L6JyaRAacJW16M9-QW2kmv0NHAOWP8iuqudhahIkwGuwkOYLltuHzgeuqvJSXtn8JKGcjtm9O3TnOC06Q=w237

Personalised Future-Proof Education.

At ALU, we believe the key to success is not memorising facts and figures that can change, but on learning life-long skills that you can apply throughout your career. This is why we intentionally develop skills like self-leading, leading others, entrepreneurial thinking, quantitative reasoning, critical thinking, managing complex projects, and communication in students through practice, on-the-job experience, coaching, and regular feedback - in conjunction with our academic programmes.

Description: https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/WAKYk89TaFD3QMqOGKldegFvB1pdulWzRyZYtI7o5zRfyP1MdHaQN0q4oFbFo5pqAR4qxeZu4WVGaZri1u69=w237

African Community with Global Footprint.

ALU has students from over 40 countries. Our students become part of a talented, diverse community from around the world. You are surrounded by driven, talented, and passionate classmates. You are also exposed to ALU’s unique and powerful network of mentors, guest speakers, experts-in-residence, industry leaders, investors, ALU staff, and employer partners.

Hear why students like you choose ALU?

Download the all-inclusive ALU Application Guide for the 2021 Session.

We designed this application guide to help you understand everything you need to know about submitting a great application. This guide will walk you through the general application process and also shed light on several application sections.

We have provided answers to all your important questions such as:

  • What is ALU looking for in its candidates?
  • When should I apply?
  • What does the overall application process look like?
  • What happens to my application once I submit it?
  • What does my final application decision look like?
  • What happens when I receive admission to ALU?
  • How much does it cost? 

Description: https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/pdDHgutKDQ45WyHi2yhlEcmrGhPbjf_e3C0pCp0JLhP24H6RSQMVX0QFl6hV8YvUMbLLdp0YjGqeLKDPOwNsHdc=w294

Download Now

Hear from ALU Students about their experience 

"The exposure I have received through both work experience, classroom experiential, and extensive academic training allowed me to deepen my knowledge about what it means to be an agent of change in 21st century Africa."  

 Amina Alaoui Soulimani  

"When people ask me about what I love the most about ALU, my answer is always the people. I have dived into a diverse community with a rich culture and brilliant perspectives. I have learnt so much from the faculty and my peers. I’m always excited to have fruitful conversations that drive my growth."

Mariam Junaa Mhina  

"ALU has allowed me to practice what I do in class, develop new skills, and most importantly take my first steps in the professional world. I’m currently a study intern working as a Residential Assistant, where I drive the cultural integration of over 100 students from 35+ countries."  

Amara Rendy Soumahoro  

"My absolute favourite thing about ALU is the reliable sources of mentorship that is available to us. We continuously have executives from top companies visiting us all the time in addition to the super talented staff we have on campus."  

Ashraf A. Ismail  

Ready to lead a life and career of impact?

The next application deadline is fast approaching! Don't miss your chance to attend Africa's top University for leaders.

Apply before 5th October 2020 and get your admission on or before 2nd November 2020.

For more information, download the ALU Undergraduate Application Guide. Or send an email to admissions@alueduaction.com if you have any questions. Our website : www.alueducation.comwww.alueducatiocom | admissions@alueducation.comvwww.alueducation.com | admissions@alueducation.comwww.alueducation.com | admissions@alueducation.com

www.alueducation.com | admissions@alueducation.c



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