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Language is a medium of communication between members of any race, creed and regions of the world. It can be verbal or written. The language you speak can affect your relationships. It is a way of expressing yourself to people around you. We have several languages in the world which can be written or spoken, each in a unique way. Our languages separates us from the rest of the animal kingdom. Language as a means of communication is very important in our relationships and bonding.

Understanding your language and other languages can be a great asset when you want to travel the world. 

Whatever your child wants to be, speaking more than one language is always an added advantage to his/her educational qualifications and a great skill to have.

Children who can speak several languages also get to know the different customs and values of the groups whose language they speak. It can help them appreciate cultures of other societies. 

The ability to communicate in several languages can help a doctor communicate with his patients in any country he or she is resident. It can help a newscaster or reporter to report news in English and other languages of the area he or she resides.

The ability to speak in at least two international languages is an added advantage when applying for jobs in organizations such as: ECOWAS, United Nations, British Council, Foreign Embassies and other foreign organizations.

To learn languages in schools is very important and it is advisable to start early at the elementary level. To learn languages at a very young age is a great advantage because at that age, the child  is less inhibited, he has more time to learn than an adult. Our children will be better prepared for their future professions wherever they end up after school if they can speak several languages both locally and internationally.

In schools, teachers and students can use language as a tool to communicate with each other, to assign a task to the students, to assess learning, display knowledge and generally helps with life in school environment. At elementary stage, children are being taught  both written and spoken languages starting from the basics, like greetings, alphabets, numbers, weather, how to tell time, months of the year, days of the week, parts of the body, colours, simple words then gradually progress to complex grammatical structures and vocabulary.

All this is inculcated into the school's curriculum and instruction to facilitate learning. Teachers should provide instructions according to the child's needs and interest. The class should be an engaging one with activities that will make language learning very easy for the child.

As the child progresses to a higher class or secondary school, language learning is at a broader range and he should be able to learn more complex things.


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