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NigeriaTechnology Companies Colaborate To Phase Out Third-Party Cookies

In the middle among growing agitations against the move by technology companies to  Phase out third-party cookies on their websites, and prevent third-party companies from gaining access to customers' data for market analytics, Zoho, a global technology company, with focus on world-class applications, has joined other global technology companies to eliminate third-party cookies on its website.

Business Development Manager in charge of Africa for Zoho, Mr. Andrew Bourne, who spoke about Zoho's recent plan to join other technology companies to eliminate third-party cookies, said the move became necessary to prevent surveillance companies who rely on ads, from having access to customers' information without their consent.

Cookies are small pieces of data stored on the web user's computer/device and enable the domain/webpage to store information and preferences about that user in order to facilitate smoother user interactions. Third-parties usually access the data, analyse it and push the information about customers buying behaviour to advertising companies.

In January 2020, Google announced that it would phase out third-party cookies on its chrome internet browser over the next two years, joining other internet platforms like Safari by Apple, and Firefox by Mozilla who phased theirs out since 2013.

The development came amidst the growing agitation for stronger user privacy and security on the internet.

With Zoho joining the group to eliminate third-party cookies, the fears of third-party companies would increase, following previous agitations from them.











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