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OUI Chancellor:- Reconversion will put an end to crisis in tertiary institutions

  Stop further approval of license for private universities, Adedoyin begs FG  - Vanguard News

Olufemi Olaniyi, Ibadan

The Chancellor of the Oduduwa University, Ipetumodu, Osun State, Dr Abdul-Rahman Adedoyin, has advised the President, Major-General Muhammadu Buhari (retd.), to listen to people calling for the Reconversion of Nigeria.

Adedoyin said true federalism would address most of the problems confronting the nation’s universities and other tertiary institutions because the federating units would have more resources to invest in the education sector and other key sectors as well.

Adedoyin, who said this in an interview with our correspondent on Monday, noted that investment in education was a sure path to development.

He said Nigerian varsities ought to have developed far than they were after 60 years of Independence,   saying the President would help the country to develop at a very fast pace with true federalism.

Adedoyin explained that if the country was restructured, each state would be able to exploit its resources and give a part of it to the Federal Government.

“Everything about Nigeria is centred on federalism.  I am talking of a weak federal and a strong regional government, which means every region, enjoys what they get from their region and sends little to the top (federal).

“The region will be able to pay attention to all the sectors under it- the economy; tertiary institutions private or government will definitely be positively impacted.

“At 60, it is time to get on our feet; it is time to speak positively about our dear nation, it is time to work hard and the government should do its best to promote quality education, good security and agriculture,” Adedoyin said.


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