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Sweden Partners With Nigeria On Educational System

Sweden Ambassador To Nigeria


Sweden has reassured its commitment to deepen bilateral relations with Nigeria on innovative educational system to promote effective teaching and learning.
Gràns Carl-Michael, Sweden Ambassador to Nigeria, made this known in an interview with NAN, on sidelines of the inauguration of ‘SchoolTry’, on Saturday in Abuja. SchoolTry is a Swedish Education Technology company in Nigeria. According to him, Sweden is seeking opportunities that will increase the trade relations and volumes between it and Nigeria, hence the establishment of the SchoolTry educational platform.
“Sweden works with different projects regarding digitisation that is a huge challenge for many countries, including Sweden and of course Nigeria because of its populations. “What I learnt about SchoolTry founded by a Nigerian in Sweden working with education and e-learning is that it will be interesting for Nigeria. “Education is a national responsibility for Nigeria as it is for Sweden. I think e-learning is for the future and it is developing very fast. “So, we can just guess what comes in five or 10 years, when it comes to digital learning, I think this is an area we can cooperate and proffer solutions to educational challenges as well.
“It is obvious that Nigeria has challenges when it comes to the big population and granting education to the entire population, which is the heart of the populace,” he said. Carl-Michael said that the digitisation of the education sector of the country was key in creating a platform for solutions to the challenges often faced. He said for Nigeria’s economy to grow in line with its population size, there was the need to engage people on digitisation as blueprint to achieve meaningful growth.


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