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You Are Stars, Nobody Will Tarnish Your Destiny #Mother Them Don’t Murder Them


 Youths' Quest for a New Order - The News Chronicle


God answers prayers. I am an eye witness to the police unnecessary and wanton harassments, embarrassments, extortion and inhuman behavior on the helpless, hopeless and jobless Nigerian youths. I happened  on Okpella highway on the 29th of September, 2020, exactly four days before the #EndSars nationwide protest.

We boarded Nothing Pass God Motors to Onitsha on this fateful day at 5.45 am. The transporter ensured we obeyed all covid -19 protocols by  two only sitting on a seat, wearing facemasks and checking our temperature. Only James sat in the front seat with the driver. Little did we know that James was the center of attraction to the Nigerian policemen on the high way by the way he dressed? Our journey was smooth, the driver was professional, the passengers were relaxed, some were even sleeping soundly including me.

We passed many check points until we got to Okpella  junction when a police man flagged us down to pack for searching. Other policemen we passed along the way must have signaled the others in front that James was a suspect. And so when our vehicle stopped, James, the youth was the only person that was asked to come down from the vehicle for thorough searching. He humbly, quietly and helplessly obliged. He was searched from head to toe, his handset was not speared and a police coloured camouflage t-shirt he bought from ok market was what pinned him down.

And so the journey that was to land us in Onitsha before 2pm extended to 3pm. We were delayed for one hour despite all pleadings, begging and prayers from all the passengers in the bus. James did not hide his identity that he works in police mess as a front desk officer in Abuja. He produced the name and phone number of the officer in charge of the mess, he was called and confirmed, but still we were  arrested on the sport with James. This means that we all committed the offence including my little angel,  three years old Ebube.  

James had been cleared innocent by all evidences. What else might have been holding us in this thick forest where we risked being attacked by the kidnappers or being jammed into by heavy duty vehicles plying the road on high speed? Our only weapon was prayers for God to release James and let us go with him. We cannot abandon him in that unsafe place. Now, what else do these policemen want from James? MONEY! We begged and begged until few passengers contributed some money and given to these men in uniform. This was our saving grace! But is it fair? Is it justified?

James was finally released and we continued our journey to Onitsha. It is now time for James, the Nigerian graduate, who is struggling to make ends meet by accepting a mean job quite below his educational standard to tell us the rest of his previous ordeals in the hands of men in uniform. As a mother, grandmother, teacher, mentor and a leader, every youth is very dear to my heart. I was inspired by Holy Spirit to pray aloud for not only James but for all the youths all over the world in general and Nigerian youths in particular: YOU ARE STARS, NOBODY WILL TARNISH YOUR DESTINY IN JESUS NAME, AMEN. And everyone including Little Ebube, my Angel  in the bus echoed a BIG AMEN.

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