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ASUU Strike: The Silver Lining in the Dark Cloud


Daily Trust - The nth ASUU strike



                                                  Awa-abuon John Asama

In the history of university education in Nigeria, there has never been a time where 

students have had to stay at home for such a prolonged period. Firstly because of 

the pandemic and then because of the ASUU strike. To those who take their 

academics seriously, this is bad news. Having to stay without academic activities for 8 months works against the smooth flow of the learning plan in the curriculum.  

What good could there be in this seemingly bad situation? Let's take a look at some 

of the possible 'silver lines' in this dark cloud of the ASUU strike.

           Students get a simulation of how life after graduation will be.

 Students often get so embroiled in the academic process and fail to seek the connection between what they are being taught in school and the 'real' world.

 More often than not, fresh graduates feel lost on how to navigate life after graduation. Dealing with the pressures that come with looking for a job, and keeping it sometimes can be really tough for most fresh graduates.

 This time of no academic activity provides ample opportunity for students to explore and engage in activities that simulate the work-life they will inevitably get into soon. Activities like volunteering, free- or paid-internship or even starting and running a business to gain entrepreneurial insights can go a long way in getting them ready for the work-life after they eventually graduate.

        Students have time to learn a skill

With the high rate of unemployment in the country today, it is a great risk as a student to graduate without having a skill.

 But for a regular Nigerian student, there is hardly enough free time and mental energy to dedicate to learning a skill with the school in session and the short span of the holidays do not seem to help much either.

 However, this period of no academic activity has provided an invaluable opportunity for students who wish to acquire a skill set to do so without having to worry about lagging in their academics. Opportunities like this do not come very often.

 While the prolonged strike by the academic staff union of universities is totally undesirable, it, however, bears with it an invaluable opportunity that can be exploited by those who seek to make the most of unfavourable situations.


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