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Vocational Education and Training- Nigerian FG's commitment to Education  for All | After School Africa
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By Beatrice A



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Vocational education refers to skill based programmed for the acquisition of skill, while technical education provides general technical knowledge. Technical and vocational education is usually merged together in any school's  program for skill acquisition. Vocational and technical education is important for the development and growth of any country's economy. Most employers are demanding for more skills from applicants than they did in the past. It is an opportunity which  is meant for people to improve themselves in their general proficiency thereby preparing for future occupation. Vocational and technical education involves use of practicals to teach students skills they can make use of.



  • In Nigeria, the issue of technical and vocational education is taken for granted. The motivation to acquire these skills is very low among our youths.
  • The machines and tools needed to train students to acquire these skills are lacking in Nigerian Universities and other higher institutions.
  • There is scarcity of experienced and qualified teachers. Sometimes it can be as a result of low remuneration or salary which serves as a discouragement to them. Sometimes it can also be as a result of the qualified teachers moving away to other countries in search of better higher paying jobs.
  • In Nigeria there is an inadequate funding for vocational and technical education which is needed to build workshops,for acquiring of  the Needed equipment as well as maintenance of the workshops and equipments.
  • The school's curriculum is usually too theoretical in content with little or no provision made for practicals. 
  • In Nigeria, most youths and parents prefer the University degree to technical/ vocational qualifications. There is little consideration for skills which should also be acquired for future career. 
  • There is poor societal attitude towards vocational and technical education which sometimes affects the choice made by the students when asked to choose what to study.
    History of Vocational and Technical Education In Nigeria » PeakNG
    Vocational in Action


  • Government should allocate adequate resources to technical and vocational education.
  • Highly skilled and proficient teachers are needed in technical and vocational school. Teachers should be properly trained and their skills upgraded from time to time even while teaching in vocational or technical schools.
  • Vocational and technical school's curriculum should be reviewed to ensure that the students get the required training they need to meet the demands of the labour market.
  • There should be public campaign to Create awareness about the necessity and importance of technical and vocational education in Nigeria.
  • The salaries as well as other benefits  paid to technical and vocational teachers should be reviewed by government or the school owners. So as to encourage these teachers in their work.
  • The machinery should be provided as well as workshops for practical lessons so that the teachers and instructors will have all the need to make learning very conducive, easy and efficient.



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