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Getting an education in any field of your choice will open doors to a very bright future and a successful career. While in secondary school, it is possible to still be in doubt of which career to settle path to follow. But when you are sure of what you want to be, it guides you on how to improve on your skills. 

Vocational education is a good place to improve on your skills and to also decide which career path to follow. Vocational education is training which one can be enrolled in even after university education so as to learn some useful skills which will enable you to be self employed. It is a way of furthering your business career.

You can get this education even if you are not a graduate and you want to get training to improve on skills you already have or acquire new ones. This is possible through vocational education. In vocational schools you develop expertise in a particular field of your choice. Vocational education is offered at secondary and University level and involves various practical’s in their respective fields which gives the students to expertise in these skills.

Vocational education is necessary for the following reasons: 

  • To help an individual to be independent. With this kind of education one can be self employed and run a business successfully.
  • This kind of education is needed to improve our economy through creation of jobs.
  • It is needed by graduates who after graduating and obtaining their professional qualifications were not able to secure a job in a government or private organizations.
  • Vocational skills an individual acquire makes that individual understand the value of hard work. Because vocational education involves a lot of practicals and hands-on training.
  • It is needed to reduce hunger in Nigeria. Presently in Nigeria, there are a number of people who cannot afford 3 square meals in their homes. But with skills they acquire from vocational education, they can work to get daily income to feed themselves and their families well.
  • Vocational education is needed to give you the opportunity to do something g you have a passion for, which can give you satisfaction and fulfilment.
  • Adults who were not able to acquire education due to financial reasons or other reasons, can acquire skills in vocational schools which they can use to set up a business for themselves.
  • This education can provide so many different opportunities for young pupils both in secondary and University level to choose from as well as serves as a guide to those yet undecided as to what career path to follow. It can as well provide some level of expertise in their chosen profession.
  • Vocational education is needed in our country to fully engage and empower our youths thereby reducing rate of crime, drug abuse in our country.


Vocational education is therefore needed in our country to help make our country a better place to live in by all  citizens and foreigners.



Beatrice Akaeme




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