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Global Protection Through Climate Education

Abrupt Weather Change


Sa'adatu Ibrahim

Many people have been asking and wondering why are they always asked to use this and not use that; dump this and don't dump that; do this and don't do that; why do we have to save the earth anyway? We are all going to die one way or the other. So why bother? Calm down and read very carefully. These questions are going to be answered.

First of all, we need to save the earth because it is our home because we have no other place to go. Just like we wake up every day and clean our houses, dust the bed, repair the roof to live comfortably; close the doors before going to bed in order to sleep peacefully, the earth also needs to be protected from all foreign substances that could trigger climate change, flood, draught, wild fire and so on for both plant and animals to live comfortably and have healthy life.

unnecessary bush burning

Secondly the earth needs to be protected not only for us to enjoy, giving that we are all going to die eventually, but most essentially, the earth needs to be protected for future generations to come. The future generations also deserve to enjoy all the fresh air, the green scenery that pleases the sight, the clean water and they also need to explore the bio diversities found on land, seas, forests, the wild life and lots more.

Thirdly we need to save the earth for us to live long and healthy life. All the toxic substances that are released into the atmosphere as a result of our daily activities that seems to only affect the earth, come back to the earth surface and affect us both directly and indirectly in form of global warming, acid rain, yellowing of leaves, draught, flood and so on. All these play vital roles in accumulation of both acute and chronic diseases like cancer caused from UV Rays; diarrhea caused by draught; malnutrition caused by draught;  extinction of plants species due to excessive rays, genetic mutation and so on.

There is urgent need to include Climate Change Education into the curriculum from primary level through to tertiary level in order to save the earth from extinction. It need not be overemphasized that climate change education deserves urgent and prompt implementation in the school sector. Everyone is affected directly and indirectly.

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