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Know More About Ozone Layer Through Climate Change Education



                                         By Sa'adatu Ibrahim

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Climate Change


Have you ever wondered what is special about these ozone layer you are seeing here and there on each post concerning climate change and other related environmental issues,well you have come to the right place to get the right information.

 Ozone Layer: Ozone Layer: Earth's Protective Shield Has a Hole In It - Earth How


Ozone Layer chemically represented as O3,is a layer found in the atmosphere,it occupied 70% of the stratosphere.The Ozone Layer is a protective blanket that protects the earth from ultraviolet rays,it protects the earth by absorbing the harmful rays coming into the earth surface,and letting only the usable one that can be absorbed by plants and animals without adversely affecting them reach the earth surface.

 The three molecules of oxygen that binds together to form the ozone layer (O3) are what makes the ozone layer special and thus,referred to as a protective blanket. Whenever the bond between the oxygen molecules breaks,the earth is no longer safe,the ozone layer start to deplet,and a hole is formed,when this happens the ozone layer can no longer absorb the UV Rays. The major problems that can be caused as a result of this include:

 - skin cancer

 - untimely death of both plants and animals

 - climate change e.t.c


But what results to the bond breakage that eventually cause depletion and how it should be avoided?

The major compounds that when released into the atmosphere breaks the three oxygen molecules bonds are known as chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs),they are also responsible for climate change and global warming. All these compounds are end product of what we use in our day to day life starting from gas exhaust, mosquito repellent,pesticide, herbicides, kerosene stoves, firewoods e.t.c.

The best way to avoid all these and safe our planet earth is by substituting all these compounds with less harmful ones,using solar for cooking instead of firewood, electricity should be use to start engines instead of fuel,weeds from farms should mechanically removed instead of using chemicals.


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